Please read threw the site if you have a question before you E-mail me.
Your answer is probably in here already and you will be wasting my allotted contact E-mails. One constant E-mail is " I have looked all threw the site and I would like to know how to buy a Chinese Fake. " I grew so tired of it. I do not endorse these "Replica's". If I put a link on here--Then I am guilty
of promoting them.
        I always return E-mails. If I do not return your E-mail--The answer is already in the site somewhere. I honestly look forward to hearing from readers!  I have received hundreds of E-mails. Most all have been positive. I think maybe five or six were negative. Not a bad record. The negative E-mails were from people with their minds made up. Insinuating that I was a piece of Sh*t for trying to sell the Chinese guitars. All had not read any of the site and probably saw the pictures of the "Res Pauls" and assumed I was backing them.

Fill out the form and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Your E-mail Address is kept secret. There have been a couple times when another
 member wants to write another one with comment or question. I will contact
 you first for permission or give you their E-mail for you to contact them.

 I look at everything everyday several times.
I still do to this day 3/01/17 !


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