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Just Checking In

Posted by crazyaboutguitars on March 20, 2016 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (0)

I am getting this site up to a new speed. I have the Awsome Guitars Compamy sending me a lot of new equipment to review. They are the only company that has been trying to improve el;ectric guitar and bass for the last five years that I know of. How about a new volume and tone control with extra switches that creat an amazing eighty or more tones. They had sent me one of the earlier products that I insatlled in a Tele copy and and a bad Strat copy. Just blew me away. Now the owner of the company called me on the phone and really educated me on where his company was going and NOW there are a few famous players jut being blown away with what these products can do to a regular electric guitar OR bass.

I swear there is absolutly NO New News or change in the guitar industry besides Awsome Guitars. Bless them and shame on all the other supposed top of the line guitar manufacturers. I mean come on we are suppposed to be living in the future and all you guitar manufacturers are attemting to keep us in 1958 or 1959. We are supposed to be creating a whole new industry to be admired in thirty years.

I would like to recieve a rebuttal from a manufacturer on this. Hey!!! I am all ears. I no we are waiting.

S.C.---- 3-20-2016

Where Is Guitar Technology Going?

Posted by crazyaboutguitars on March 22, 2013 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (0)

March 22nd, 2013

    I have been in touch with several manufacturers. I usually call because you can tell a person's integrity when you here a voice. E-mails can easily be taken in the wrong way. I have been asking certain company representatives {artist relations} where is tech going. In other words what is coming up next/what is new/are there new mind boggling on the horizon. Here is what I have been told. They have no idea. In the case of Pe*v*y (not to give out a name) they are not sure guitar amplifiers are going to be needed in ten years. "And" these companies are scared to death. Their meat and potato products maybe going the way of the Gooney Bird. A good example of where things are going is Fractal Audio Systems AXE-FXII. From all the reviews I have read this piece of equipment by passes the amplifier while copying the amp better than the amplifier can do. Scary stuff if all you manufacture is guitar and bass amplifiers.

      If you have been keeping up on my review of products page you know about Awesome-Guitars Tone Multiplier is one of the newest products pushing the envelope  of technology and really making an honest difference. This makes the old Gibson Vari-tone on 345's and Night Hawks look all most childish. Gibsons new mini-tune mechanism that fits on the back of the headstock between the tuning keys works great. But, for some reason it strikes me wrong that new players will depend on batteries to tune their guitar or ESP's  Evertune bridge that will not let your guitar go out of tune no matter what you do.

      What I am going to try and accomplish is contacting more guitar manufacturer's and find out what they think is coming down the road. I think as we were at the mercy of what the manufacturer's thought we as guitarist's needed -- are now in the same spot with technology. Also how they are going to add all this new tech to their products with out robbing the customer on prices. This is going to be quite the balancing act to watch. As Gibson doesn't care and Fender has been clever enough to manufacture products in different country's to effect priceing. Remember Fender has never lied to their customers about where their guitars were built.

In Phase & Out Of Phase Explained

Posted by crazyaboutguitars on January 14, 2012 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (2)

The information below was sent to me by Teye of Teye guitars. I asked him to put the information in laymans terms. He sent this the next day.In fact he sent a second E-mail that I will post after I paste this first E-mail He was in Spain visiting family and still took the time to E-mail me back. Teye always impresses me and I don't impress very  easily. You will be reading the real  "How It Works".


Extremely busy, added to which is at moment family life... am in Spain, trying to juggle everything.A quick attempt at explaining your questions -out of phase is best described as an honest attempt to choke the sound as if youwere choking the singer's throat. It is a very nasal sound where the pickupsactually fight each other instead of working together. The sound only works withtwo pickups (or more) on at the same time. The pickup that is wired out-of-phase is actually SUBSTRACTING its signal from the one(s) that are correctly phased.Especially useful if you have them on individual volume controls.Personally, I like this sound if done right. (And not over-used, but that's notreally in the hands of the builder)parallel:connecting the coils of a humbucker in series (the normal way, the ancient Gibson way) adds up the output of both coils and cancels 99.9% of hum. It gives a very strong signal, but so-to-speak the one coil is driving the other. The signal of each coil has to squeeze it self thru the other coil. You can also viewthis as that the impedance of the entire unit becomes twice as high as eithercoil by itself. Result: what we all know to be the typical HB sound: thick,loud, not so bright.When you wire them parallel, you lose the ADD factor (it's like connecting two1.5V batteries: in series they give 3V; parallel they give ...1.5Volt) but youalso lose the impedance doubling. Result: the tone becomes much less thick, andretai8ns much brightness.In a word: series - ROCK / parallel - TWANG Well, as a guideline.Hope this helps, hope you are well, hope everything is allright and you can finda way to hang in there with the circumstances!GreetingsTeye. [S.C.'s father had just passed away and Teye knew about it--Thus the reason for the last sentance.]

Second E-mail    ***************************************************************************

The actual DIFFERENCEa few attempts OOP sounds unnatural, PW sounds very natural OOP sounds funky all the time, PW only if you play a funk lick OOP sounds like an effect, PW sounds like a different brand of guitar. PW sounds like a country song. OOP sounds like some 70's country songs.OOP sounds constrained, as if your guitar is seriously ill. PW sounds like a fender. (some may not see the difference) Hope this helps and puts a smile on your faceTeye.


Okay, this is goig way over what I asked for. Teye's  taking the time to write it all of this is really cool to say the least. However he still won't send me the $32,000 guitar I want to review. {Yuk Yuk}

If you could send Teye and tell him how much he is helping the guitar community and that you found his information on this site -- --Teye has been in touch with me on and off ifor a strong four years. I consider him one of my best on line friends.

Sad News--Ed Roman Has Passed Away

Posted by crazyaboutguitars on December 23, 2011 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Bad news for the guitar world, Ed Roman has passed away. Details have not been let out as of yet. He passed away with in the past couple day's. I write this on the morning of DEC 23, 2011. I knew Ed well enough professionally to have his cell phone number in my cell phone. I became aware of Ed in the early 1990s. He was located in Connecticut back then. At that time he was one of the original "Boutique" Luthiers. To me he was the last of the old time guitar store hucksters. He could sell you something before you knew what happened. I have two stories about my experiences with him.

   I called him one day with a question when I first started this web site. He was at his desk and as usual was all talk. He bragged about he had just bought a Fender copy Precision Bass from "some dumb kid." He said "I am going to take the neck off and sell it to those idiots on E-bay for two hundred bucks. I bought the entire bass from some dumb kid that wondered in here for twenty dollars." That was the Ed I knew. He was out to make money. Next time I called him I was thinking about opening a music store. He told me for Eighty -Thousand Dollars he would help me open a successful store. He said you get a franchise from Fender or somebody and I can use one of my mine like Gibson or whom ever. Give me half of what they send you and I'll send you the same amount of another famous brand. This way you will look like you have twice the amount of big name brands. He was not a crook in any way. He was a huckster out to make a buck anyway he could. It was just a treasure of memories from this guy. In the 1960s there were a lot of these guys out running small music stores. We had a guy in our city that just had us teenagers buying tons of really bad gear. We would walk out with stars in our eyes with a ton of gear that was worthless. All the older musicians for a hundred miles around remember this guy. All with good memories. I think Ed was one of the last of that breed. After talking to him, this dealer,  I often had stars in my eye's. I will miss being able to call him on a whim and being entertained.

I have several of his web site links on the links page..  Check his Rants and Raves to get an understanding of the Classic Ed Roman. Here is an obituary from Classic Guitar E-mail and to me it doesn't do Ed justice.http/   Copy and paste in your browser.

Updateing 12-20-2-11

Posted by crazyaboutguitars on August 21, 2011 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Happy Holiday's to all!



 I had to move to another city to help my Mom with my ailing Dad. He passed away a few weeks ago. He is not suffering any more of suffering and hopefully in a better place. So -- I will start a new on the Trail and Tribulations on starting out new in a city where I know no one buy family. The music situation should be close to comical. Already I found the usual. A  band I found want's to try me out. They told me they are one of the better bands here. But -- they don't own a PA. How can you say your a lead singer but you don't even own a microphone.  Then the bass player say's we are getting rid of our current Guitarist and he owns the PA.   So, we can use yours. How nice of him to volunteer my equipment. Like I said usual B.S. These type's of answers lead me to believe they are not at a pro level. I am really tired of providing equipment so and person can fill their ego problems. Of coarse then you get the gigs, provide a practice space and equipment and they want a fair share of any money made. If you have not experienced any of this you have not been playing music with other people very long.

I will keep updating this musical adventure. I am praying I will be able to laugh everything off or at least you can. As you know this is a blog. I can put my thoughts here and not be responsible -- Right?

10-27-11-Update --I have found a great web site for Single Coil Guitars  This site is a great find for all you Strat and Tele lovers. Also information on amps and effects. Wiring guides are in there too! To a Stratocaster player this is like hitting a gold mine. If you look at this site E-mail Dirk and let him know you found him from here. He gave this site a hell of nice comment on his links page.

Your Comments Are Welcome --S.C.


Time For An Update 11-30-10

Posted by crazyaboutguitars on November 30, 2010 at 6:59 PM Comments comments (1)


  Here it is--The site has been on the Internet for over two years now! There has been nothing that would make me stop or delete it. On some months around five thousand hits are registered on the site. I still make no money at this. Probably best I don't. That should keep me honest on the reviews. I have been in touch with several of the big name guitar manufacturers again. As usual they just blow us off. One example was Boss / Roland. I was told to get any products for review this website [CAG] would have to receive half a million hits a month before they would consider it. Yet the Seymour Duncan Company was more than willing to help out. The same with EMG pickups and Eastwood guitars. These people want your business! They see the big picture. I have my own company, I know how this works.

   I am trying to communicate with the PRS company. I would like to know if they can catch on to the idea Gibson and Fender have been blowing us off and we are the backbone of their sales. The way I see it is the first big company that wants to hitch up with CAG is going to get a lot of new customers. I know for a fact that if you supply a musician with a good product at a fair price you are going to get a loyal customer. Read some of the comments on Gibsons newer products. The customers comments usually say's "Another great product that I cannot afford." These companies could make a killing if they lowered their prices. In quantity alone they would make a fortune and again a loyal customer. A good analogy would be what has happened to the banking industry. The became "drunk" with money in the mid to late 1990s. Then we get the financial hangover. Buying a Les Paul has gone past what most guitar players can afford. Even Fenders American made Stratocasters are coming up on two grand a guitar.

      In other words nothing has changed in the past two years. I am still convinced the website can make a difference. Maybe crack the proverbial door open and make the guitar manufacturers take a look at our needs. Not what they think we need. Here is what we need. A guitar at close to a thousand dollars. That will hold it's price years later. With today's electronics we don't care about the wood. If they put on a photo flame top--who cares. Only we will know. If the guitar is affordable, looks good, above average tone, plays nicely and is built to last. What a concept.

        Okay, I have rambled on here. I just felt I should give everyone an update on what I am thinking. Pretty much the same. It is hard to take another point of view or new out look when no changes have happened in the market. At least PRS is trying to stay with the times.[another new model I cannot afford] Seeing them coming out with totally new guitar models is a real shock. Maybe it will cause other companies to start thinking of the future. Gibsons newest effort is one of the ugliest guitars I have ever seen.

         I will add more to this as I think about it.

Starting A Fire

Posted by crazyaboutguitars on April 1, 2010 at 12:11 PM Comments comments (0)

    I have been doing a lot of reviews of products recently and of coarse playing out with my dance / cover band. Leaving little time to put my thoughts in this Blog area. I have notice recently that the guitar company's have reached another level of stagnancy. Thank God they have Slash to keep things fairly new. Gibson is putting out a Slash guitar that is a copy of the guitar he used in G & R which was a fake Gibson to start with. So they are copying a fake guitar. How many times can redundant divide itself. Seymour Duncan just sent me Slash HumBuckers. I am a little excited about how they sound. These were hand made before they started mass producing. This ought to be pretty cool. A Hand Made Duncan. Now that is a feather in my hat getting manufacturers to work that well with this site and of coarse they have been great to work with. Can't take all the credit. Even members of this site have slacked off with their comments on the forums page where I am trying to figure out how to light a fire under their butts. This is where I found the guitar community two years ago when I started this. Guess I am going to try to crack the whip to get everyone excited about it again.

For right now I think Slash disserves to take a bow. He is the only guitar hero out there right now staying in everyone's face. There are other's but they are not as acceptable to public as Slash. Show's like the That Metal Show are trying to keep the flame from burning out. I believe they are in their forth season on VH-1. More power to them. I am going to have to come up with another shocking topic. Fake Gibson's really struck a nerve. From everything about breaking the law to straight out Patriotism.

  Give me some time. I have a few ideas. So--don't hate me if I stir up the pot to get thing exciting again. So don't get upset with me if I have to go out on the edge again like I did with Gibson. That one really upset people.

Good--Stand By I am going to get  you off your Lazy Asses Again!


An E-mail to S.C. and A Reply

Posted by crazyaboutguitars on December 16, 2008 at 4:23 PM Comments comments (2)

 I received this E-mail a week or so ago thru this site. It's a little on the negative side. After I read it a few times I realized this guy's thoughts were all over the place and I could pick it apart fairly easily. So, I wrote an email back in a professional state of mind. But either he did not want me to know his real address or he was putting in the wrong address on purpose. I am putting this on here as a reply and no I didn't sugar coat my reply before putting it on here. Your ideas and comments are in invited. Also on the blogs and  fourm pages. Good or bad put it in there. I would like to see those pages "Cooking" with comments. -S.C. **************************************************************

I'm love the idea of having a website that's all about guitars but trying to import/hock those chinese pieces of shit is unethical.  The chinese are very good at what they do.  Making pretty good looking, cheap ass copies of good products that some company with standards popularized.  It makes me sick.  We are at war with china right now.  Most mouth breathing americans have no idea but china OWNS us financially.  They own most of the real estate in our port cities and are buying more every day.  You know that damn budget defecit thing that everyone's always squaking about.   There's a defecit because we all buy cheap disposable garbage from other countries.

I'm a musician.  I also live in my truck and only work part time so I have time to play.  I would give another starving musician $400 for a used Les Paul studio before sending my hard work off to a country that wants to take us over.  I would be helping another AMERICAN musician by buying from them and I'd have a MUCH better guitar.

Open your eyes and look at the big picture.  Sometimes cheap can cost you dearly.  The way things are going, being cheap is going to cost us our country.


I wish you would post your response on the forum page. That is what this site is about. Whether I disagree or not. I try to stay out of any arguments. I just provide the information/forum. Mind you I do not provide the links to these Chinese sites. However I do have a few. My argument would be that "Gibson" is gouging the everyday guitarist. Making a ton of money and screwing us. I own a lot of "Gibsons" right now around fourteen. I have paid my dues. But right now what Gibson & Fender are charging for American guitars is wrong and as you said unethical. Here's the kicker that will upset you more. You ready to get sick ? here it is---All Gibsons {electric's} are be manufactured in China for the past five years or longer. Even the Custom shop. All the Custom shop does is put the guitars together and then they say "Made In The USA. I have proof of this. Go to World Class Guitar Web site Click here: Ed Roman Guitar King of Las Vegas - USA Made Custom Guitars. Ed Roman is probably the most Knowledgeable person in the guitar world at this point in time. Maybe Gruhn might be equal. His quote to me is that the "Custom Shop is a Dog And Pony Show" I have seen a "China" link on the Gibson Web Site which I have not explored--yet.--(.--(This is an add on 1-07-08 I still as of yet have heard any response from Gibson. I know they have bought a piano company in China and they are making guitars there supposedly for the China market. I recently found this info and will reveal more as I investigate.)

There is my response w/proof. Before you start E-mailing me with a disagreement you better know what your talking about. I have spent the last twenty years studying
"everything" about guitars. That is why I stay out of the forum or get in anybody's way.  I know more than the average Joe about guitars. I don't like making people look foolish. I can guaranty that everything else I am pretty stupid on. So, put your dissagrement on the site. See what happens I have taken no offence in your E-mail and I hope you don't take mine badly. You now have more knowledge than you did. You come out the" winner" Hey!  Why don't you join the site. The site is for everybody dissagrement or not.

I hope this answers your dissagrement.
I hope you put your thoughts on the site.
That's what it's there for!
Regards -- S.C

Let me know your thoughts -- S.C.
A Mouth Breathing American !!!



Famous Guitarists And Collections s.c.

Posted by crazyaboutguitars on December 5, 2008 at 10:55 PM Comments comments (1)

     You know all those guitar magazines out there show "Guitar Heroes" guitars collections. Thru the years they keep showing the same ones. Like there is a limited supply of famous guitar players out. How many times have we seen Steve Ray Vaughn's stories or Jimmy Page or Eddie Van Halen or the elusive Jeff Beck. My God!  They (the guitar magazines) run these guys in a vicious circle. I know more about them than I ever wanted too. Hey! Eddies back on the cover of a magazine this month!  He's hawking his new bestest guitar ever. Also telling his history again--God enough is enough Ya know I could not afford his Frekin amps. What makes him think I can afford this new guitar. It probably does everything and gives you a "hard on" when you play it. (Safe Sex) You want to make a bet he's going to be on at least two more magazine coveres Hell, I bet if he sold Sham Wows he would make the covers. I wonder if all the guy's that bought his old guitars are pouting right now. But I digress.There are a ton of famous guitarists out there that I would like to hear more about or their take on the the status of the guitar scene. "And" the guitar collections. How about Richie Sambora. He played some of the coolest guitars of the eighties and ninties. CC Deville must have something close to that. Hey!  How about Les Paul. Ya think he owns a Les Paul? Maybe more than one or two. Maybe a history of Les Pauls. I really sick of seeing his famous first electric guitar "The Log". Is that it for his collection. You stop by his house--he pulls it out of the closet and say's here it it "The Log"--I don't think so. I have never in thirty years of reading have seen a story about any of them.. Back to Richie. He might be the only one of these guys that might read this. Seeing that he is a "Jersey Boy" If your reading this Ritchie. Why don't you E-mail me or put something on this site. Most of these stars seem to forget it us the common folk that made them rich.
    One of the most unrelated to the guitar collectors is Steven Segal. I have watched him several times on th TV showing a guitar or two. I really don't think he knows a thing about guitars.  I could be wrong-??? One time he was showing a Fender Jazzmaster that had some sort of famous history and he called it a Stratocaster. Another time he walks on to the "Tonight Show" and yells over to Kevin Eubanks the band leader (whom has an "Very" expensive custom made solid or maybe chambered guitar) and say's "Isn't that a 335 your playing".  Steven is probably a hell of a nice guy but I swear I start twitching everytime I see him. But--What about his collection? { I have to up date this .04/09/09 I just read an article about Segals collection in Vintage Guitar magazine. He might be quite a bit more educated about guitars than I originally thought. In fact he might be doing the guitar community good by collecting "very" high end guitars with extremely important history's. Sort of a care taker for guitars the rest of us can not afford nor take care of. If this is so I tip my hat too him. Our problem is these people do not talk to the every dayJoe -- us. This site would be a great forum for them to help us understand. This would take away the opportunity to pick on them as I do on occasion.}  It is supposed to be a big one with some famous guitars..  Marty Stewart -- I know has one of the most historic guitar collections. How do we get to see it (info).  I belive he has a museum of sorts.
   So there you have it. One heck of a lot of famous players ignoring us. Even if they were not the most talented they entertained us and we thank them with our memory's alone at the very least!