Sad News--Ed Roman Has Passed Away

Posted by crazyaboutguitars on December 23, 2011 at 11:35 AM

Bad news for the guitar world, Ed Roman has passed away. Details have not been let out as of yet. He passed away with in the past couple day's. I write this on the morning of DEC 23, 2011. I knew Ed well enough professionally to have his cell phone number in my cell phone. I became aware of Ed in the early 1990s. He was located in Connecticut back then. At that time he was one of the original "Boutique" Luthiers. To me he was the last of the old time guitar store hucksters. He could sell you something before you knew what happened. I have two stories about my experiences with him.

   I called him one day with a question when I first started this web site. He was at his desk and as usual was all talk. He bragged about he had just bought a Fender copy Precision Bass from "some dumb kid." He said "I am going to take the neck off and sell it to those idiots on E-bay for two hundred bucks. I bought the entire bass from some dumb kid that wondered in here for twenty dollars." That was the Ed I knew. He was out to make money. Next time I called him I was thinking about opening a music store. He told me for Eighty -Thousand Dollars he would help me open a successful store. He said you get a franchise from Fender or somebody and I can use one of my mine like Gibson or whom ever. Give me half of what they send you and I'll send you the same amount of another famous brand. This way you will look like you have twice the amount of big name brands. He was not a crook in any way. He was a huckster out to make a buck anyway he could. It was just a treasure of memories from this guy. In the 1960s there were a lot of these guys out running small music stores. We had a guy in our city that just had us teenagers buying tons of really bad gear. We would walk out with stars in our eyes with a ton of gear that was worthless. All the older musicians for a hundred miles around remember this guy. All with good memories. I think Ed was one of the last of that breed. After talking to him, this dealer,  I often had stars in my eye's. I will miss being able to call him on a whim and being entertained.

I have several of his web site links on the links page..  Check his Rants and Raves to get an understanding of the Classic Ed Roman. Here is an obituary from Classic Guitar E-mail and to me it doesn't do Ed justice.http/   Copy and paste in your browser.

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