Where Is Guitar Technology Going?

Posted by crazyaboutguitars on March 22, 2013 at 9:30 PM

March 22nd, 2013

    I have been in touch with several manufacturers. I usually call because you can tell a person's integrity when you here a voice. E-mails can easily be taken in the wrong way. I have been asking certain company representatives {artist relations} where is tech going. In other words what is coming up next/what is new/are there new mind boggling on the horizon. Here is what I have been told. They have no idea. In the case of Pe*v*y (not to give out a name) they are not sure guitar amplifiers are going to be needed in ten years. "And" these companies are scared to death. Their meat and potato products maybe going the way of the Gooney Bird. A good example of where things are going is Fractal Audio Systems AXE-FXII. From all the reviews I have read this piece of equipment by passes the amplifier while copying the amp better than the amplifier can do. Scary stuff if all you manufacture is guitar and bass amplifiers.

      If you have been keeping up on my review of products page you know about Awesome-Guitars Tone Multiplier is one of the newest products pushing the envelope  of technology and really making an honest difference. This makes the old Gibson Vari-tone on 345's and Night Hawks look all most childish. Gibsons new mini-tune mechanism that fits on the back of the headstock between the tuning keys works great. But, for some reason it strikes me wrong that new players will depend on batteries to tune their guitar or ESP's  Evertune bridge that will not let your guitar go out of tune no matter what you do.

      What I am going to try and accomplish is contacting more guitar manufacturer's and find out what they think is coming down the road. I think as we were at the mercy of what the manufacturer's thought we as guitarist's needed -- are now in the same spot with technology. Also how they are going to add all this new tech to their products with out robbing the customer on prices. This is going to be quite the balancing act to watch. As Gibson doesn't care and Fender has been clever enough to manufacture products in different country's to effect priceing. Remember Fender has never lied to their customers about where their guitars were built.

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