Starting A Fire

Posted by crazyaboutguitars on April 1, 2010 at 12:11 PM

    I have been doing a lot of reviews of products recently and of coarse playing out with my dance / cover band. Leaving little time to put my thoughts in this Blog area. I have notice recently that the guitar company's have reached another level of stagnancy. Thank God they have Slash to keep things fairly new. Gibson is putting out a Slash guitar that is a copy of the guitar he used in G & R which was a fake Gibson to start with. So they are copying a fake guitar. How many times can redundant divide itself. Seymour Duncan just sent me Slash HumBuckers. I am a little excited about how they sound. These were hand made before they started mass producing. This ought to be pretty cool. A Hand Made Duncan. Now that is a feather in my hat getting manufacturers to work that well with this site and of coarse they have been great to work with. Can't take all the credit. Even members of this site have slacked off with their comments on the forums page where I am trying to figure out how to light a fire under their butts. This is where I found the guitar community two years ago when I started this. Guess I am going to try to crack the whip to get everyone excited about it again.

For right now I think Slash disserves to take a bow. He is the only guitar hero out there right now staying in everyone's face. There are other's but they are not as acceptable to public as Slash. Show's like the That Metal Show are trying to keep the flame from burning out. I believe they are in their forth season on VH-1. More power to them. I am going to have to come up with another shocking topic. Fake Gibson's really struck a nerve. From everything about breaking the law to straight out Patriotism.

  Give me some time. I have a few ideas. So--don't hate me if I stir up the pot to get thing exciting again. So don't get upset with me if I have to go out on the edge again like I did with Gibson. That one really upset people.

Good--Stand By I am going to get  you off your Lazy Asses Again!


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