Time For An Update 11-30-10

Posted by crazyaboutguitars on November 30, 2010 at 6:59 PM


  Here it is--The site has been on the Internet for over two years now! There has been nothing that would make me stop or delete it. On some months around five thousand hits are registered on the site. I still make no money at this. Probably best I don't. That should keep me honest on the reviews. I have been in touch with several of the big name guitar manufacturers again. As usual they just blow us off. One example was Boss / Roland. I was told to get any products for review this website [CAG] would have to receive half a million hits a month before they would consider it. Yet the Seymour Duncan Company was more than willing to help out. The same with EMG pickups and Eastwood guitars. These people want your business! They see the big picture. I have my own company, I know how this works.

   I am trying to communicate with the PRS company. I would like to know if they can catch on to the idea Gibson and Fender have been blowing us off and we are the backbone of their sales. The way I see it is the first big company that wants to hitch up with CAG is going to get a lot of new customers. I know for a fact that if you supply a musician with a good product at a fair price you are going to get a loyal customer. Read some of the comments on Gibsons newer products. The customers comments usually say's "Another great product that I cannot afford." These companies could make a killing if they lowered their prices. In quantity alone they would make a fortune and again a loyal customer. A good analogy would be what has happened to the banking industry. The became "drunk" with money in the mid to late 1990s. Then we get the financial hangover. Buying a Les Paul has gone past what most guitar players can afford. Even Fenders American made Stratocasters are coming up on two grand a guitar.

      In other words nothing has changed in the past two years. I am still convinced the website can make a difference. Maybe crack the proverbial door open and make the guitar manufacturers take a look at our needs. Not what they think we need. Here is what we need. A guitar at close to a thousand dollars. That will hold it's price years later. With today's electronics we don't care about the wood. If they put on a photo flame top--who cares. Only we will know. If the guitar is affordable, looks good, above average tone, plays nicely and is built to last. What a concept.

        Okay, I have rambled on here. I just felt I should give everyone an update on what I am thinking. Pretty much the same. It is hard to take another point of view or new out look when no changes have happened in the market. At least PRS is trying to stay with the times.[another new model I cannot afford] Seeing them coming out with totally new guitar models is a real shock. Maybe it will cause other companies to start thinking of the future. Gibsons newest effort is one of the ugliest guitars I have ever seen.

         I will add more to this as I think about it.

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