An E-mail to S.C. and A Reply

Posted by crazyaboutguitars on December 16, 2008 at 4:23 PM

 I received this E-mail a week or so ago thru this site. It's a little on the negative side. After I read it a few times I realized this guy's thoughts were all over the place and I could pick it apart fairly easily. So, I wrote an email back in a professional state of mind. But either he did not want me to know his real address or he was putting in the wrong address on purpose. I am putting this on here as a reply and no I didn't sugar coat my reply before putting it on here. Your ideas and comments are in invited. Also on the blogs and  fourm pages. Good or bad put it in there. I would like to see those pages "Cooking" with comments. -S.C. **************************************************************

I'm love the idea of having a website that's all about guitars but trying to import/hock those chinese pieces of shit is unethical.  The chinese are very good at what they do.  Making pretty good looking, cheap ass copies of good products that some company with standards popularized.  It makes me sick.  We are at war with china right now.  Most mouth breathing americans have no idea but china OWNS us financially.  They own most of the real estate in our port cities and are buying more every day.  You know that damn budget defecit thing that everyone's always squaking about.   There's a defecit because we all buy cheap disposable garbage from other countries.

I'm a musician.  I also live in my truck and only work part time so I have time to play.  I would give another starving musician $400 for a used Les Paul studio before sending my hard work off to a country that wants to take us over.  I would be helping another AMERICAN musician by buying from them and I'd have a MUCH better guitar.

Open your eyes and look at the big picture.  Sometimes cheap can cost you dearly.  The way things are going, being cheap is going to cost us our country.


I wish you would post your response on the forum page. That is what this site is about. Whether I disagree or not. I try to stay out of any arguments. I just provide the information/forum. Mind you I do not provide the links to these Chinese sites. However I do have a few. My argument would be that "Gibson" is gouging the everyday guitarist. Making a ton of money and screwing us. I own a lot of "Gibsons" right now around fourteen. I have paid my dues. But right now what Gibson & Fender are charging for American guitars is wrong and as you said unethical. Here's the kicker that will upset you more. You ready to get sick ? here it is---All Gibsons {electric's} are be manufactured in China for the past five years or longer. Even the Custom shop. All the Custom shop does is put the guitars together and then they say "Made In The USA. I have proof of this. Go to World Class Guitar Web site Click here: Ed Roman Guitar King of Las Vegas - USA Made Custom Guitars. Ed Roman is probably the most Knowledgeable person in the guitar world at this point in time. Maybe Gruhn might be equal. His quote to me is that the "Custom Shop is a Dog And Pony Show" I have seen a "China" link on the Gibson Web Site which I have not explored--yet.--(.--(This is an add on 1-07-08 I still as of yet have heard any response from Gibson. I know they have bought a piano company in China and they are making guitars there supposedly for the China market. I recently found this info and will reveal more as I investigate.)

There is my response w/proof. Before you start E-mailing me with a disagreement you better know what your talking about. I have spent the last twenty years studying
"everything" about guitars. That is why I stay out of the forum or get in anybody's way.  I know more than the average Joe about guitars. I don't like making people look foolish. I can guaranty that everything else I am pretty stupid on. So, put your dissagrement on the site. See what happens I have taken no offence in your E-mail and I hope you don't take mine badly. You now have more knowledge than you did. You come out the" winner" Hey!  Why don't you join the site. The site is for everybody dissagrement or not.

I hope this answers your dissagrement.
I hope you put your thoughts on the site.
That's what it's there for!
Regards -- S.C

Let me know your thoughts -- S.C.
A Mouth Breathing American !!!



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Reply Mike
2:38 PM on February 25, 2009 
You need to be enlightened about a couple of things.
First, your spelling skills, or lack of them, damage your credibility. Not to nitpick, but it's true. Pay a little attention to these things as they make one appear to be uneducated and how can the uneducated be trusted to teach the rest of us about anything?
Second, do a little research before you claim authority on your own, ar anyone else's behalf.
Specifically, Ed Roman. You need to spend some time on the other guitar-related forums finding out about this guy before proclaiming him to be an authority on anything other than his own bottom line.
My suggestion is for you to go to the Steinberger Yahoo group and do some reading and ask the membership about their own dealings with Mr. Roman. You will be surprised.
Personally, I wouldn't take his word for it that the sky is blue.
As for credentials, I've been a guitar player since 1964, have performed and recorded all over the Eastern states, from the age of 13 (1967) until retiring from the music business in 1993. I still own and play a few instruments, mostly guitars. I have had my own, unsuccessful dealings with Mr Roman when he was in Connecticut. Nothing serious, didn't cost me a dime, just exasperating and time-consuming. There are, unfortunately, others who have had much more serious problems with the guy.
Whatever you do, PLEASE don't compare him in any way to a man of the honesty and integrity of George Gruhn. You do Mr. Gruhn a great disservice.
In short, do your homework.
Reply crazyaboutguitars
8:55 PM on February 26, 2009 
For those readers--I Emailed Mike here is his reply -- He's a good guy. I respect all comments.and reply when I feel necessary. I have never had to delete a comment. Now that say's alot about the character of our members and readers. Below is his email**** And below that my E-mail to him.
lick here: steinberger_world : Steinberger World

Ok. Here's a link to the group. I've been a member here for 10 years or so. Lurker mostly. The group was started in direct response to Ed Roman and his BS. The idea is to provide people with education on the Steinberger brand so they, I hope, are nit susceptible to ER's thievery and nonsense.
There was a new member a while ago (possibly last Spring) who had a Steinberger that needed a little minor work. ER told this guy to send him the guitar for evaluation and repairs and he heard nothing from him for a long while after he sent his guitar. Ed closed his shop and, apparently, sold the guitar to someone else.
When the guy finally got in touch with ER he told him that another company had bought him out and that he had to dealwith them about his guitar. The new ownership didn't have his guitar and never had it. THey suggested he should deal with the county DA about filing suit against ER. This meant he'd have to travel halfway across the country to be in court repeatedly or hire a very expensive attorney to appear for him.
In my own dealing with ER I called him when he was in CT (about 1 to 2 hours drive from here) about a white Steinberger guitar on his website. I wanted to buy it and had cash in hand. He gave me a runaround on the phone and hung up on me because he didn't "have time to deal with me if I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted"
I knew what I wanted, knew what it was worth, but wanted to play it before I bought it. I didn't buy it. I don't think he ever actually had it as the pic stayed on his site for YEARS. Might be there yet. I got one elsewhere.
The guy is just a shyster. Doesn't deserve to be in the business in my not-so-humble opinion.
Anyway, there are lots of horror stories for you to read in the archives on the group.
BTW no need to apologize for the spelling. Just me nitpicking. My wife informed me (again) that many very intelligent people we know don't spell well. I am also a public school product. I guess spelling is like playing guitar. Some do it well, some don't. It's all up to Him.
54 eh? When is your birthday? I'll be 55 on 3/18.
to tell the truth, I stumbled on your forum because somebody on the group posted a link. Very interesting site. Good job. Is that you on the pics with the LP's? Nice harem. Not the domain of a "hack" for sure.
Keep up the good work. Let me know what you think of the Steinberger group. Mike
***************************************I read your comment. I apologize for the spelling. I am a product of public education and English was not my strong suit. My wife is excellent at it. Getting her to proofread is another thing.
As for Ed Roman--You might be right. I have talked to him several times. He does like to sell himself. I have read his articles. For example Leslie West and Ed being very close professionally and as personal friends Yet, when I read an article where West was asked about him--He referred to him as some guy in Las Vegas. I have been looking at Ed's sites and comments since he was in Connecticut. Nice to see someone familiar with the history. I may have pushed it with the George Gruhn remarks. I may take that off. I will look into the Steinberger Yahoo group you brought up. Can you shorten my search with a little more education of what it is about and how to find it.
Last-- I appreciate you comment. I started this site to get people involved. All we have had all our lives is magazines telling us what we need to buy/what is cool or what products they think are the best for us. I probably am your age (54) with the basic history in starting playing (I was eight) to today. The site has taken off dramatically. I am trying to provide a platform where the regular guitar enthusiast can have a say. Such as you. I get a kick reading the forum page and how the people are talking to each other. This makes me feel it is working. Out of several hundred E-mails I have received three about the spelling. Yours included. I hate looking stupid. If it wasn't for spell check you probably would consider me a real hack! There are a lot of hours and words put into this. Some miss spellings slip threw or how I put my words together. I think my passion/obsession shows thru. I took your E-mail as helpful advise. Constructive criticism
If you would -- get me the information. So, I can be a little more knowledgeable. I will do my home work as you requested.

Most important.
If you see me straying from what I have tried to accomplish with this--Let me know.

Regards -- S.C.