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Posted by crazyaboutguitars on December 5, 2008 at 10:55 PM

     You know all those guitar magazines out there show "Guitar Heroes" guitars collections. Thru the years they keep showing the same ones. Like there is a limited supply of famous guitar players out. How many times have we seen Steve Ray Vaughn's stories or Jimmy Page or Eddie Van Halen or the elusive Jeff Beck. My God!  They (the guitar magazines) run these guys in a vicious circle. I know more about them than I ever wanted too. Hey! Eddies back on the cover of a magazine this month!  He's hawking his new bestest guitar ever. Also telling his history again--God enough is enough Ya know I could not afford his Frekin amps. What makes him think I can afford this new guitar. It probably does everything and gives you a "hard on" when you play it. (Safe Sex) You want to make a bet he's going to be on at least two more magazine coveres Hell, I bet if he sold Sham Wows he would make the covers. I wonder if all the guy's that bought his old guitars are pouting right now. But I digress.There are a ton of famous guitarists out there that I would like to hear more about or their take on the the status of the guitar scene. "And" the guitar collections. How about Richie Sambora. He played some of the coolest guitars of the eighties and ninties. CC Deville must have something close to that. Hey!  How about Les Paul. Ya think he owns a Les Paul? Maybe more than one or two. Maybe a history of Les Pauls. I really sick of seeing his famous first electric guitar "The Log". Is that it for his collection. You stop by his house--he pulls it out of the closet and say's here it it "The Log"--I don't think so. I have never in thirty years of reading have seen a story about any of them.. Back to Richie. He might be the only one of these guys that might read this. Seeing that he is a "Jersey Boy" If your reading this Ritchie. Why don't you E-mail me or put something on this site. Most of these stars seem to forget it us the common folk that made them rich.
    One of the most unrelated to the guitar collectors is Steven Segal. I have watched him several times on th TV showing a guitar or two. I really don't think he knows a thing about guitars.  I could be wrong-??? One time he was showing a Fender Jazzmaster that had some sort of famous history and he called it a Stratocaster. Another time he walks on to the "Tonight Show" and yells over to Kevin Eubanks the band leader (whom has an "Very" expensive custom made solid or maybe chambered guitar) and say's "Isn't that a 335 your playing".  Steven is probably a hell of a nice guy but I swear I start twitching everytime I see him. But--What about his collection? { I have to up date this .04/09/09 I just read an article about Segals collection in Vintage Guitar magazine. He might be quite a bit more educated about guitars than I originally thought. In fact he might be doing the guitar community good by collecting "very" high end guitars with extremely important history's. Sort of a care taker for guitars the rest of us can not afford nor take care of. If this is so I tip my hat too him. Our problem is these people do not talk to the every dayJoe -- us. This site would be a great forum for them to help us understand. This would take away the opportunity to pick on them as I do on occasion.}  It is supposed to be a big one with some famous guitars..  Marty Stewart -- I know has one of the most historic guitar collections. How do we get to see it (info).  I belive he has a museum of sorts.
   So there you have it. One heck of a lot of famous players ignoring us. Even if they were not the most talented they entertained us and we thank them with our memory's alone at the very least!

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