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Posted by crazyaboutguitars on August 21, 2011 at 3:20 PM

Happy Holiday's to all!



 I had to move to another city to help my Mom with my ailing Dad. He passed away a few weeks ago. He is not suffering any more of suffering and hopefully in a better place. So -- I will start a new on the Trail and Tribulations on starting out new in a city where I know no one buy family. The music situation should be close to comical. Already I found the usual. A  band I found want's to try me out. They told me they are one of the better bands here. But -- they don't own a PA. How can you say your a lead singer but you don't even own a microphone.  Then the bass player say's we are getting rid of our current Guitarist and he owns the PA.   So, we can use yours. How nice of him to volunteer my equipment. Like I said usual B.S. These type's of answers lead me to believe they are not at a pro level. I am really tired of providing equipment so and person can fill their ego problems. Of coarse then you get the gigs, provide a practice space and equipment and they want a fair share of any money made. If you have not experienced any of this you have not been playing music with other people very long.

I will keep updating this musical adventure. I am praying I will be able to laugh everything off or at least you can. As you know this is a blog. I can put my thoughts here and not be responsible -- Right?

10-27-11-Update --I have found a great web site for Single Coil Guitars  This site is a great find for all you Strat and Tele lovers. Also information on amps and effects. Wiring guides are in there too! To a Stratocaster player this is like hitting a gold mine. If you look at this site E-mail Dirk and let him know you found him from here. He gave this site a hell of nice comment on his links page.

Your Comments Are Welcome --S.C.


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