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From day one this site has received E-mails with our readers thoughts. Into the site's fifth year comments keep coming and are  still very informative and/or refreshing--No egos--Just people trying to share wisdom. 99.9%  of messages from day one no one has really stepped out of what this is about. Really cool and I am glad it is working. One reason you should post  a comment--For example when someone googles for say a certain amplifier [like a Vox AC30] and you have posted your experience with one --a link pops up on Google for Crazy About Guitars / Forums page and right to your comment / post. This means what you write is important.  As important to the reader as anything I would write.If you feel the need to make a point of view--Don't be shy. Everyone that has added there thoughts has been great.

The only problem was recent. People trying to get free advertising in the forums section. If you see an advertisement In the discussion topic flag it and it should dissapear.

I just had a guy trying to advertise his guitars. Can't blame him--BUT-- you need to at the very least ask me if it is allowed! Use your head! This site is for guitar players not guitar companies to advertise their products. If you want to get your name out send me something for review. If your trying to be tricky--then what does that say about your product.

Okay--Read and Enjoy!


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General Discussion

This is all up to where you the reader, member, passerby whom want to lead it. So far so good with what you people have come up with. I have to find out a way to get more readers involved. You guys are really coming off with interesting points of view
over a year ago
by bluesatheart


What is the best out there? Most important for what kind of music. Are you a cover guitarist or shred or country? What do you consider the best built/bullet proof wise? Which speakers cover the best style of music? Which ones do you think are bullet proof
over a year ago
by Big D

Effects Processors

Which does what the best? Which distortion makes shredding easier? This is wide open. Just remember. Nothing "WAY" expensive. (general) Floor processors $500 or less. Stomp boxes $120 or less. Rack effects $350 or less.
over a year ago
by Karl-Off

What Are You Looking To Buy This Year ?

This is new and timed for the holiday season. What new products do you people have your eye's on? I also need to know what is getting popular. Then I can contact manufacturers about more information.
over a year ago
by Big D

New Stuff

Your help on what is new, if you have tried something out. Even your opinion of me and or this web site. Do not leave an e-mail address because you comments will be published and this goes world wide.

CollectionsTopicsPostsLast updated

Collecting Guitars/Amps/Effects.

Tell us what you consider it takes to make a good collection. What are the "must haves" and what can make a collection look "Bad"?
over a year ago
by bluz