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This is what the Chinese are doing and they are getting better at it every day! I recieved this guitar to my front door for three hundred dollars (American)


Fake or Copy Guitars

I AM REALLY TICKED OFF !! I have attempted to make all right with this web site AND THEY HAVE LOST THE PICTURES !!! Old Story Next !!!--New pictures coming and more news on where the counterfeit guitar manufacturers are going. I am pretty sure they have dodged legal maters with the United States. From what I am researching they are manufacturing as fast as ever. Picture below shows one place. They are still using an old picture. But you get the idea.

 Still have pictures at the bottom of the page!



. {Update--Oct 2012. What is written below is five years old. But -- it still pertains}

  I want to start off I have bought a fake Les Paul. The idea being I had better know from where I speak. As far as I am concerned my job is telling the truth and get all of you the best information possible! I stand in the middle. I am going to really get into this area {fake guitars}.  I have sent off two messages to "Gibson" and nothing back from them. I hope to hear something really quick or I will have to give a "very" negative review of their performance on this situation.   I have collected guitars for the last twenty years. I am getting a little uneasy what Gibson or Fender are asking for there American made guitars. Price wise. I have tried to contact Gibson absolutely no response. As I said above. Fender did get back to me with a "can't help you." Just making my point. In Gibson's case I believe most all are being manufactured in China. Of coarse this might just be hear say. I can't prove it. I have read recently (late 1990's) that Gibson bought the Baldwin Piano Company in China and the Chinese are making Gibson's for sale in their market area.{ I am still researching } BTW --    I was looking at the Epiphone forums page.05-12-09 One of our members put a thread for this site on that site. A big Thank You to that member. I would really appreciate you people "Reading" the entire content of this before you put your comments on another site. From what I read on that site made a few of you look a little foolish to someone that has read the entire content. I just added paragraphs below. Nov. 2012.

Jan--2015  To put Made in The USA on a product only seventy percent has to be manufactured in the U.S.

Here is a new one

Here is a perfect example of foolish. Take a look. Some guy try's to be helpful. Then some gal write's this: Crazy is right.
Maybe this dude should hop in the car, drive to Memphis, and take the Gibson factory tour. But then, that might challange the conclusion of his investigation, that Gibsons are made in China. What a nutter.
I think this site is just a pay-for-click portal to to the faker's website in the links section. I'd be surprised if it didn't originate in China; the English that the author of crazy_for-guitars uses is as mangled as that used by the Chinese in the supposed emails requesting a partial refund for the sillica damage.

Red 333

She cut's me then cannot spell the words challange -- Gibsons and silica. "And" it is Crazy About Guitars you "nutter???". Then another:  I saw this today too on the Philly CL site. I was going to post it but thought it wasn't complete enough, dead links etc.  I think the guy's sincere, but a little misinformed and perhaps too enamored with his relatively modest knowledge of guitar history. I expect he'll get flamed and either build up the site properly or take it down.
Good idea though, just needs more research and verification.


Want me to draw a picture. Also sorry to say This site has now been up since 2008 with no flame out in site! Again read the entire page before writing your two bits on another forum. "Reread above if you don't get it."

Okay Picture below--Sent By Teye of Teye guitars saying "I guess you were right."


I just want to reaffirm  this replica / copy guitars are immoral to buy. I bought mine to be able to be able to know what I am talking and writing about. I honestly believe most of Gibson's guitars are made in China. I put ten years of research into it. The standard models. I am have the understanding the Gibson Nashville site produces four hundred seventy-five to five hundred a week. Even if per day this does not cover the amount of Gibson's around the world. Custom shop models are still being put together in America, Mind you I said put together. United States law state's your product only has to be 75% made in the USA to have the Made In USA logo. I have just bought ( older paragraph 2006) a 1968 Les Paul Custom Reissue Chinese fake guitar. It is so close to the real thing that I was shocked. I pulled the pickups and they were stamped "Epiphone" on the back side ???  I own seven Les Paul's. In all fourteen Gibson's I own and have read just about every book put out on them. Obsession is a good term for my illness. When I play out I have to watch my Gibson's like a hawk. Using copies may be a good stress reliever. I played my copy guitar at the next band practice we had. Except for micro-phonic squealing now and then it sounded and played as good as my work horse Les Paul Standard. I will add new pick ups shortly and will update this. The only problem I had was the back of the guitar was pitted with dents from silica beads/desacent beads. The little sack of stuff manufactures add to boxes to absorb moisture out of the air. What had happened was someone had spilled a sack into the guitar case Put the guitar in added another bag of the stuff {which was not torn open} then shipped it half way around the world. So, I protested the guitar. They advertise that it should arrive in perfect condition. Obviously this was a manufacture problem not shipping. I have been given the run around for the past two weeks by this owner in China. This is not resolved yet. I will not put anymore information on this site as of yet. I do have all E-mailed conversations from this guy ready to put on here. The comments back from this guy are almost comical if it wasn't happening to me.   {Dispute Settled--I received
 a whopping fifty bucks back--A small victory}    To conclude for now, I was going to buy from several different Chinese manufactures when I wrote this. I was going to put my assessment of all bought. I felt unless Gibson comes up with some sort of idea to produce something close to this they are going to get their butts kicked. You know "Slash's" Les Paul he used with Guns and Roses (in the beginning) was a fake. I just read an article that he say's it's still his favorite. I have seen pictures of his collection. Pretty amazing to say the least. I wish I had that picture to show you.  
 This we be continued and I will be talking to some of these manufactures. Maybe I can start collecting again after these rough economical times. I hope so. I will say that the fake I received is a better guitar that any Epiphone I have ever seen or played. I wrote this paragraph in 2006. It still holds true. The Chinese have changed their head stocks. Probably due too Gibson finally getting the rogue Chinese companies in line.

{ My name is Joe and I too bought what I thought was a real bargain from CL buying a standard les paul for $950 and looks like new and plays well needed a setting and so i went to guitar center and asked pa***ck to set it up for me for the price of $45...BOOM!!! he told me it was a fake and needless to say i was so disappointed...tried to get my money back...No Way!!...i wrote to Gibson...sent the serial #....NO Replay!!...send again for help and asked to and what is guessed it.........NO HELP!!!!!!!.........
all i am saying is now that i saw your site..I WILL NEVER....EVER....BUY A GIBSON AGAIN unless it is from a dealer/shop and hope they too are not selling fakes!!! thank you and that's my two cents(or rather $950) worth!!...keep up the good work!! }
---Thanks Joe!

All Fakes


New 2015



 If you notice on the next picture they have blacked out the Gibson name and logo for a Les Paul Supreme - the globe with banner. "And" they now copy the globe emblem perfect




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