Did You Know {DYK} And In My Opinion {IMO}

This is a new page. I will be adding on to this continually. The page is a conglomeration of information that should be second nature to you. After forty-five years of playing and collecting just about anything having to due with guitars (pack rat mentality) --I have a lot of knowledge that should be shared.
Also, if you don't believe what I put on here--Try it.
Some of these facts may surprise you!
Keep in mind there is a little humor here and there.

Simple things Like "Did you Know" [DYK]--  There is a " Ton" of important information for "nobody told me" questions to add. It will take time for me to publish these. Basically trying to remember things and the occasional "Eureka" memories.
Here is the "Number One" did you know. This will make you feel "Way" better after asking question to the Typical Asst. Manager  at your local big chain guitar store or where ever
What does MIDI stand for? Musical Instrument Digital Interface.
Now, he may act like 'Big Deal'" But -- you can be reassured he will be walking around the store all day amazing people with his knew found knowledge. Kind of gives you a warm fuzzy feeling that he will have a worried look next time you come into the store.  I recently did this at a local chain store. Believe it or not he knew the answer.
When I told him who I was and what I had written here--he acknowledged that was a tricky question for most. I have to give credit where it is due. I was a little surprised at the guy myself.

Here is another one in a topic all by itself.
Did You Know--Guy's {and probably Gal's} whom have a large {Quote} Beer Belly cannot play an "OVATION" round back guitar. Due to the guitar
wants to roll all over the place. I understand you spend more time trying to keep the guitar in place than playing it. Think about it.
It does make sense. If anyone out there with a larger than normal stomach thinks I am wrong E-mail me. I would like to know.
However it does sound common sense to me.
DYK-- Tuning You Guitar to A Telephone. You always have a tuner close by. Your telephone dial tone in the United States is F. If you in England or where ever --
check you phone with a tuner--No Joke! Amaze your musician friends.
Perfect Pitch.
                   Hum or sing the lowest note you can. Find out what the note is and you will have "Perfect Pitch"
                   No Joke-It is that easy.
If you believe you can help E-mail me with your "Did You Know" thoughts. If it's true or even plausible I will print it with you name added for the recognition.

As always "Check Your Ego's At The Door." This site is to help not tell everyone how wonderful and clever you are. "And" as always excuse my misspelling every once in a while. I try to catch them but there are a lot of words on this site.

Guitars - Grover type tuning keys will give more bass response that the Kluson style "Tulip" tuners.
            Maple Fretboards have more treble response and generally are a "Very" fast neck.
             Ebony Fretboards have a brighter attack sound than Rosewood.
             Quite a few successful and famous Fender Stratocaster players turn the treble
              tone knob on the amp all the way off or close to it
              to get the best tone from the single coil pickups.
             The farther away the strings are from the guitar body the better the tone.
             Thicker strings = Better Tone  --  Steve Ray Vaughn used unbelievably heavy strings.
             This is also why acoustic strings are of a heavier gauge.

              Wiring a guitar may cause "severe headaches" { IMO }

              Dating Gibson guitars from the nineties and possibly the late eighties to now
               - The first and fifth numbers in the serial number
              give you the date of manufacture.
              Guitar Picks -- Heavy  -  great for heavy Metal and Hard Rock and Country leads.
                                      Medium  -- all around guitar picking.
                                      Light -- great for chord work --Jazz, Slow Dance songs
                 Due to my playing in a cover dance band I carry all three gauges in my pick
                 holder on my mike stand. If this is news to you--you will be shocked at the tonal
                 differences you can achieve just by pick thickness. Picks are cheap--give it a try.

 April 2012-- I was reading an article by Dirk Wacker in Premier Guitar Magazine. He suggested with a Telecaster take the neck off and sand any paint or finish in the neck pocket and where the neck itself is hidden. In other words raw wood touching raw wood to create more tone. I did this on three Squire Strat's and a Washburn Strat copy. The definition and harmonics for each string making chords have a full body that I didn't realize was missing. Give's the guitar more personality so to speak. If you have an inexpensive Squire Stratocasters, Telecaster or a copy of them give this a try before trying it on a model that is worth some money. It opens up the guitar tone like the S.C. Kalamazoo setting for humbuckers works. Also Dirk has turned into a good on line friend. Great guy to talk too. His site is Talk about a site with helpful information. You will be saying "Wow!" when you read it. It is on the C.A.G. link's page also.

AMPs -- Leaving an open back combo on the floor will give you more bass response than on a stand.
               The stand makes it easier to adjust the knobs but you lose a lot of tone.
               Never think a cheap 75 Watt PA head will not push two 15" Cabs. I run our
               monitors with/thru it and it's almost too loud.
               In one case our PA became temperamental so we used the monitors for the PA.

Effects --  (Digitech/Boss-Gt's/Etc) will give you better tone if you plug in from the headphones outlet to amp.
There is a rule for effects chains. Starting with Tuner/mute Distortions/Phaser Chorus/flanger/delay{these three are considered time based units}
Then wah type effects. This is not written in stone. This is a blue print. Always due what works for you best! David Gilmore has put the phaser first at times.
Also batteries are way quieter than having an AC adapter. Not as reliable--But.

More to come as I brush the cob webs out of my memory's.

In My Opinion

 Thought this would be a good idea. A lot of you keep asking what do I think so here starts another area. I will add to this as the thoughts hit me.
Stuff like-------
The best guitar magazine right now.  Premier Guitar
2nd Vintage Guitar magazine. Not because of the articales so much--But there are a heck of a lot of ad's from off the beaten path company's.
People say there is a flaw with Gibson necks due to breakage. I say "don't knock it over and it probably will not break."  DUH!
The best guitar polish right now is Gibson's three pack. { polish, string lube and fretboard conditioner The high gloss polish is pretty amazing. The best was Gibson's aresol spray polish.
I talked to a Gibson rep sometime back. He said people were afraid of the hydrocarbons in the spray. There were none. I bought a case of the stuff
ten years ago and am now running out Any of you have an ideas? This spray was "amazing" for gloss and protection.
UP DATE--UP DATE   3-12-10
I have to change my opinion on Guitar polish as for "Numero Uno"
This award now goes to DUNLOP Formula No.65
I ran out of the Gibson Luthiers Triple juice Guitar Care Kit. The small bottle of High gloss polish. I then tried out
Gibson Vintage Care Kit--The Ernie Ball Guitar Polish and Wonder Wipes.
Mind you all these products work well. But--- Formula 65 blew everyone one of the
others away with it.s ease of use and quality. I always have people ask me how I can afford so many new guitars
when we play out. They are just cleaned up and cared for.
 Also I use plastic polish (pick guards) Novis #2 Fine Scratch Remove. Don't forget
Metal polish. I have a Les Paul Elegant that had acid stains from sweat on the covers of the pick ups
and on the Grover string tuners. I tried every type of polish and it would come right back. So, I smartened up!
I bought metal polish. This brought the finish back the first time try. You just have to use your common sense to figure out
what might work. I would recommend not getting metal polish on the guitar finish. I don't think that it would damage the
finish--But you never know.

More coming. A lot more !


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