Here are more pictures to show why American manufacturers are so upset. The Chinese are copying all major brands. Not just what I'm showing here. Stickers and all! Even the tuning keys say Grover.    Back of head stock says "Made In Th USA" and stickers manufactures attache to say cover plate to volume/tone controls.  I received a Gibson Custom Shop Case. I own the real thing-but, the fake was accurate but made out of as cheap as you can materials.                                                                                                          UP-DATE 1-2015   --                                                       More Pictures coming a



The most common Les Pauls that are copied are the Customs and Supreme. The dead give away is the rosewood neck. It should be "Ebony." Also the purfling (white trim) on the side of the head stock is around 3/8 of an inch thick. Way too thick. Pictures below show head stock and thick trim.


Fake But really Nice


  I have more pictures coming-- Just shocking how close they are coming. "And" who can blame them. If they can produce a product that is comparable. Let us say you can buy a 1968 Camero for 2000 dollars right now that is so close to the real thing that it can fool most people and even you AND that price is too your front door !!! You might think about it RIGHT!!!




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