This Is what I ordered

I am pleased. But there was damaged on the back side. So they gave back fifty dollars.Total cost   $281 Delivered. My job is to tell the truth and get the best information I can to you!

The newest fake bought in 2015 was $300 to my front door.

 This guitar I played at band practice I am totally shocked. Same weight
and feel as my other L.P. Customs. Comparable tone. Trick to tell fake--Rosewood
neck not Ebony. (Update some are now made with Ebony fret-boards) Their are other tell tale signs but you have to know guitars to tell. Most fakes are either Les Paul Customs or Les PaulSupreme. If you buy one from a private owner and you not sure. Take
someone that knows guitars with you. "Or" E-mail me. I can tell you
what to look for. Also take off the back paralelagram plastic cover. If the inside tone and volume controls are tiny and the piece (I am getting old I cannot remember the word I will fix this as I remember the word)) is tine and green (usually).

 Up Date -1-20-09  I had been told I would have to replace the pick ups. Sure enough when I faced my amps they really got squeally. I replaced the pick ups in this guitar with guitar Fetish Pickups.   My Duncan pick ups in my other Les Pauls are putting up a fight against this cheaper pickups. I think when dialed in they will be equal or close to the Duncan's. OK,  back to the subject--on the bottom of the Chinese fake Pickups was stamped "Epiphone" Might tell you something there!

 Up Date--11-12-11

Here is the bottom line. I added a Duncan JB SH-4 [ I think] and put a Gibson 496 in the neck.Also bought a roller bridge fro Guitar Fetish. Remember you do this and the tone can change. This one did and I was able to dial the tone back in. I have used this guitar as my #1 play out Les Paul or Res Paul. I keep a hot rodded Les Paul Classic as my number two back up. This one has the Slash prototype pick ups sent to me by Duncan.. I have played the Res Paul every weekend at band practice or gigging out for coming on three years. I will add a couple pictures below of the pick-up cavity. Remember this has a photo flame top. So, I paid $330 to my front door for the fake/replica and I paid $1600 for the Les Paul Classic Plus taxes. You have to add on maybe a couple hundred for parts. I had to change out the pick ups in the Les Paul Classic. So, add another couple hundred to L.P. Classic. The Classic came with the Gibson 500 Bridge pick up. All the 500 hundred does is be loud. No matter what guitar I have tried it in it sounds like sh*t. Good analogy would be The Blue Angles against the Thunderbird's. The Blue Angles are tight and artistic. The Thunderbird's are loud and aggressive. Just an analogy. I would not miss the Thunderbird's. At least their a good show compared to the 500 pick up. This is my opinion due to the types of music I play. I need equipment that can cover a lot of musical territory. Not a one trick pony.

UpDate --11-12-2013

Still playing beyond any expectation. I just took the Res Paul to a new band practice. I had been using the Les Paul Classic. It has everything the same electronically, Duncan pick-ups, Guitar fetish potts. This guitar just snarls. Just like a Marshall amp when you play say Cocaine by Eric Clapton. Hold a chord with both amp and guitar and the tone just growls. Use the Res Paul and the Marshall and it is hold on to you seat. It is going to be a bumpy ride! After using this guitar as my main gigging guitar there is barley any fret wear, finish is as good as the day I received the guitar. As I put all over this web site I do not endorse replica guitars. But, after all these experience's -- How can I not say they are a rip off. How do I write I own seven Les Paul's and this replica blows them out of the water. Maybe a 1959 or 1960 Gibson model [replica?] would come close or maybe better. I don't have the five to six thousand dollars to buy one and compare.

There you go. A real review! Not an week end try out like a guitar magazine There is two years plus of using the same products.

 Here are the pick up cavity's. Good photo's.Flame on the face still looks great. I polish my guitars every-time I play one.


Below is a real 1996 Custom W/Plus Top

This is from an on line friends ad on Craig's list. This shows how close they are and how easy you can
be fooled.




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