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  1959 ES-345 TDN (Thin Body/Double Pick up/ Natural finish) Non Stereo
Custom ordered. Ebony Neck. Dot Inlays ??? Totally a one off.
When I had owned this guitar for a few years I finally got up the nerve to take it apart  to look at the wiring and switches issues.
Was not sure if switches corroded or disconnected. All the guitar does is feed back. I want it to work.
This guitar was bastardized by Paul Revera ( Revera Amps??? Not sure) I tried contacting Paul Jr. No reply as of yet
He signed the inside. Date best guess 1972 when it was bastardized. Bastardized is the term used in this cases.
It is a triple pickup {three PAF's} and get this an early sixties Telecaster bridge
pickup between the neck and the first pick up.   The middle pick up and the Tele pick up he added and a second Varitone.                                
According to the original owners statement. The original owner
told me he was a studio musician in California in the early sixty's.
They had no idea these guitars where going to be worth something. Having heard
a Gibson Representative was coming through town I took it to him for a look at it. He said  to me the guitar might be worth eighty grand. This was 1994.
The rep said "Due to the fact that it is a geniuses work in wiring alone." The rep signed a Gibson poster for me when asked too.  He rolled his eye's when asked by the owner of the music store to sign it. I don't believe he thought he was famous enough. Nice guy also.But no matter it's hanging on my
studios wall. This has quite a story behind it. Also when someone
looks at this guitar I tell them to Smell The F Hole. I get a weird look
from them. Then they do it. It has a smell of old wood and glue. Really
different and cool smell. Then I receive a very understanding nod from the person I just shocked. It is not very often when you get to touch a vintage guitar.

    I had one reader of this site write on another site ( how could Paul Rivera do this and he has lost all respect for him. Get Real! It was 1964. The guitar was five years old. The owner was a studio musician that needed a guitar that could do almost everything.  This guys were kids back then. Probably teenagers. I was ten. They did not have todays mentality. If we are going to have this mentality an analogy would be we should ban all guns due to what John Wilkes Booth did. For heavens sake. The two E-mails this guy sent me were full of vinegar and piss--Attitude wise. I wrote the guy the paragraph above. I don't know for sure if Revera did it. It makes for a great story. If the guitar had not been touched I was told it "Might" be worth close to $30,000 because it was a custom order. The $80,000 is what it "Might" be worth. This is a repeat of what's above. But, I respect Paul Revera and I will cover his ass! Also the guitar looks horrible due to me cleaning it up. When I put it back together I will up-date the picture.

Update 2013 The 1959 ES-345 TDN is now selling for $60,000 to 80,000 as of 2013. After ten years of hot rodding (wiring) guitars for me to hardly understand what Paul Rivera had been up too with the wiring on this guitar. I put the guitar back together a little while back just to hear it. I still have to run through every switch and wire to make it all work.

BTW_____ Some pictures on this site have been lost by Webs Dot Com. I am attempting to update or add new pictures.



 3-20-2016-- I have had this guitar working  about two years ago. My God does it weigh a ton. I will have an answer shortly on what it weighs shortly. The major negative is their are no marker dots on the top of the neck to let you know where you are. Say if my name was on the the fret-board you would have to follow the black dots on top. Real easy to get lost. Surprised me how important those marks are.

BTW--it is a real personal feel good moment to play this guitar. I cannot explain the feeling when pulling the guitar out--plugging it in and hearing this treasure of tones. I just will not stop coming out with new feel it in the gut tones. I cannot explain the feeling you receive from playing this instrument.


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