Who Am I? and more ?

 My name is S.C. 

     All that is written below was when I started this site in 2006. All still holds trues. If any of you have been playing guitar as long as I have -- the problem becomes finding musicians that are at this level AND most important "Who has a practice area". Seems all of of middle aged or later middle income people have had to move into small condo's or the same type of living quarters that we no longer have a practice space to start up a small band. "And" the people that do have a practice space have a tendency to play "God".

 Right now I am dealing with a drummer whom has a basement. He said he might have to move his pool table if necessary. Here is what happens when you do not have your own practice area.

#1-- of course this guy does not have a PA for singing. I have several but a small Berringer PA head and two two ten cabs. Old Peavey cabs. Still work like new. When I show up to quote JAM they do not let me set up this new PA to me (has effects and sounds incredible for 75 watts.). Of course he has his drum set taking up a lot of room and the bass player set's up with Bass and Amp. The bass player insists he only play's the blues. (he sucked at that also but I will add more later.) I am the only one that might sing. SO, no time to set up the PA and My equipment. Sound like the usual ???  I of coarse sucked at singing and my effect's and amp sounded terrible due to no sound check.

  Here is the deal if you have do go this route.

   #1 Demand time to set up your equipment and PA if you need that time. If they refuse you are going to suck and then they will tell every musician you might know about your problem.

#2 if you need a lead singer the other musicians had better be prepared for song's the guy or gal will sing. At least ten songs for a try out. That usually is an hour and more if you want to test out a few songs a second time.

#3 Check their place out  a week end before or something. If you are in a real band you want to leave equipment behind

AND You Would Prefer Nobody Plays with your Equipment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LOOK, a Marshall half stack is say $1200 for the head an $660 for the cab. That is the cheap set up to real musicians. I play with a Marshal half stack-and older JCM 2000.  $1000 the head with a $1200 vintage cab 4-green-back Vintage 30's and an old what was called an Fender Evil Twin (fantastic amp by itself !!) 100/50 watt for the mids and highs. I read a few years later Jeff Beck was working with close to the same set up. "I really thought at the time I might have something!" There were a couple nights playing out I thought my tone was not just the same as usual. I found out two times the Marshall was still on stand-by--I for got to turn it on. That is how good the "Evil" twin" can cover the territory. Problem with the Evil Twin is the weight of the amp. All Fender Twin Amplifiers weight a heck of a lot. If you are younger no problem. As you get into your thirty's,forties and later the amp can kill you before you play one note. How-ever, I have been playing with that amp alone it came off with some tons and overtones that made me sound better than I knew I really was. How do you or I explain looking back at an amplifier sitting on stage and smiling at it as if it was a lost girlfriend. God help me but I do not remember ever looking at a woman like that. Wish I was full of B.S. about that one !!! In fact I could use a woman like that ----- But I digress - dammit!

 I have played guitar for around forty-five years or more. I play in a weekend band doing covers. A Dance band. Yes, you can still be cool at this age. I collect guitars. I have a collection of thirty-three guitars. Most are high end collectibles. All are played. There are around twenty amps. I never got rid of anything.   Almost everything is "Vintage" that I bought brand new. Guess that makes me "Archaic." After work this is my life. I have wanted to do a web site for some time. I don't think there is anybody out there right now {magazines / Etc} that cares about us--the common people. (Guitar Player magazine has been a staple with guitars and music and Vintage guitar runs a close second." It seems the manufactures do not realize that musicians usually do not have a lot of money. Especially in the past few years. Any questions you ask of me I will answer honestly. If I don't know I'll tell you so. But, I will find out. I have studied anything having to do with guitars for the last twenty years. Built up a fairly decent library and a hell of a lot of knowledge. I think it is time someone did this! I check the site several times a day and I E-mail back everyone that E-mails me. Unless the answer is already on the site. I have tried to write all this information as if I was talking to you face to face. It is obvious I am no literary giant and I do not pretend to be. What I can stand behind is I am trying to make some sort of difference or trying to shake up a tired and boring guitar community. To me there is nothing exciting going on in the guitar community like what was happening in the 1960's thru 1990's. Thank God For Jeff Beck keeping us amazed with his ideas. This site is five years old now. I am still active with these ideas and trying to come up with new ideas on how to market this site to more musicians. Any ideas feel free to contact me on the contact page. Remember I make no money off the site. Ideas have to be close to if not free.

Here is the TRUTH.



Yes,--This is the real deal. 1971 Tele Deluxe. I could not stand the original McCarthy
pick-ups. I was only in my early twenty's so I had a guy upgrade the pick-ups. Velvet brick in the neck position. Dirty Fingers in the bridge position. With coil tap. They didn't have F-spaced Humbuckers back then. This Tele has more TWANG" with the coil tap pulled than my 2004 American Standard Telecaster Ltd Deluxe Custom Muckuty Muck {whatever they call the top end one. They have so many models of one thing I can't keep up.} "And" that guitar is one of my better guitars. This was originally supposed to put out a Les Paul sound with the neck pick up. A Strat sound at the bridge and a tele sound with the coil tap. Fast neck as good as my 71 SG. A little more comfortable w/chords. I would like to try out the new Mexican copy's to see how close they are to the original. I just started playing this guitar out. I kept it in my guitar vault since the eighty's. The guy whom worked on it {I heard} became a top custom luthier for Fender in the eighty's.






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What's New?

This coming year 2013 I will be up dating all info. There is a lot of information on this site. Guess I had a lot to say five years ago. Most all info still holds true.
I am in talks with several Manufacturers  about guitar effects. From cheap to expensive. I am trying to find
out if you put your money into a higher unit--are you getting your moneys worth? When and if I review these
I will put the review in terms you can understand. Which is a lost talent with most magazine reviewers. As of
7-04-11 I have been doing a review of  Dean Markley Strings. I used most strings produced. I tried a set
of their Blue Steel strings. I was amazed at the difference in one of my guitars. I E-mailed the Markley Company
about my experience. They wrote back saying they were sending several  different types of strings they manufacture for me to review / check out. I am totally sold on the Blue Steel for the types of music I play. Their Helix series has lasted four band practices on one guitar. Usually I go through a set of strings per guitar per practice. Using three to four guitars a practice. Their regular Electric strings set is on par with most of the competition such as Gibson Vintage. How ever it is a much better string than say Ernie Ball. I swear Slinky strings "rust" while I play them. Mind you that I play strings really hard. I pull every bit of tone out of the strings as possible. I play covers in my band. To sell a song to a bar crowd it has to come close to the original. In some cases if you don't sound right to a drunk dancing person your in for a long night. I know of one bar in my area that the crowd threw the band out because they were terrible. Ego and talent can be two different things.

More to come Shortly!


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